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Winding the Clock

retro-clock-300x200 Winding the Clock
Vintage golden clock showing midnight, on wooden background

I just love it when simple analogies make so much sense, that they become a sticky meme. Winding the clock is such a statement. Winding is a small simple movement that must take place for the amazing machinery of the mechanical clock to function. Of course, batteries have replaced the winding of the clock in our modern-day, but batteries too can serve in a less graphic way to underscore the necessity of this action.

To see all of life as a play enacted for my own Spiritual education takes some preparation. It’s not the commonly accepted viewpoint held by either scientists, educators, politicians or many churches. It is a mystical stance, with no outside proof or support other than one’s own conviction in moving from a me-centered to a Spirit-centered viewpoint. To maintain this viewpoint throughout the daily activities of life often requires regular “winding.” How do I wind my clock? First of all, I keep my favorite authors close at hand. even reading a few sentences from Hazrat Inayat Khan, or A Course in Miracles will blow the fresh breeze of spiritual renewal into my life. For others, it is the Bible, Koran or Lao Tzu. Every unique person has their own unique spiritual food or winding technique. For this winding to work for me, it must fill me with the conviction that I am accompanied by the most awesome, beautiful, loving presence I can imagine with this human brain, and the imagining leads to a feeling of rightness. When I attain this feeling it is like a shiver of beauty, a sense of completion, a deep knowledge of love that has no visible object other than my very own life as it unfolds.

There is no recipe for this winding other than the experience of rightness. You know it when you feel it and that is the secret of the mystical path, trusting in the inner self to sustain, guide and nurture.  Christ taught us that we would face adversities in this life, so that is the challenge that we all face. It’s easy enough for some with a comfortable lifestyle to be content and go on almost half-asleep with the quickly running routines of daily life. This earthly experience will almost certainly provide everyone with the opportunity to change their point of view, from me-centered to Spirit-centered. Then keep winding the clock until a new way of being is brought forth from the old, the resurrection of beautiful life from the sleep-walking life that we so struggle with.

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