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Every day sacred

If not you, then who?

Progress Not Perfection...

Are  you spiritual, but not religious? Flexiculture Virtues is Carin’s 5 week Online Course on everyday spirituality. Its a donation based course, with optional live zoom sessions.


  I further my career with every action I take. I am enthusiastic and excited about my work. My job brings me financial abundance. My coworkers love being around me. I am focused and productive at work. I radiate love and others reflect love back to me. I love myself. Forgiveness and compassion are the foundations of my romantic relationship. My partner is very physically and spiritually attracted to me. Life is full of love and I find it everywhere I go. I love everything about my body. I take care of my body and exercise every day. My body

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My Rituals for Everyday

The blessing of the water is my wake up ritual, that tells my body we are planning on having an awesome day.

Whether or not we know it, we all engage in ritual, and becoming cognizant of our daily rituals and recreating them to point to our blessings is a foundation for a positive life.

We are either moving upwards in our attitude/mood or downwards, and rituals can give us a slice of time to reset that trajectory.

We always speak out loud to affirm our power in this world, so ritual enactments are spoken aloud.

I use 4 steps for any ritual:

Step 1- Preparation: Can be spontaneous, but ritual requires more than just a passing thought. You need to prepare your Intention, Your Act and Your Closing.

Step 2-  Name the Intention: I say, The Blessing of the Water.

Step 2- The Act: As I pour my solar energized water* into my beautiful glass, I speak these words, thank you water for your gift of life and and growth, this water blesses and heals me me in body, mind and spirit, then I take a sip of the water and enjoy the sensation of it.

Step 3- The Closing: I say, Blessed Be it is so and so it is, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

take care, Carin

*Solar energized water- As the foundation of life, water is just amazing! I like to emphasize this awesomeness by blessing my water and setting it out in the sun for some hours, surrounded by my favorite crystals, just for fun. I like to believe that this energizes my water with a positive frequency for growth. Recommended reading- Blue Mind

The Book of Life must be written by each one of us, the time has come in our human journey to break free of dogma and embrace with great joy the creative path. I get to make up my most awesome story for this life, the one that serves me best. If I don’t then I will of necessity be under the influence of other’s stories, and they are not going to be tailored to my happiness.

So many of us have been taught that if we serve ourselves, we can’t possibly serve others as well, we think its an either/or. An everyday sacred path turns that into both/and. We serve both ourselves and others and choose the life story that gives deep meaning and happiness to us to energize and empower our daily activities.

My 360 Blessing Mission Statement!

I believe that all life is sacred, and all being is life.  Yes, even oceans and the earth itself. I practice harmonious interbeing to the best of my current state of understanding, giving thanks for the spontaneous  blessings of life, and relying on a flexible approach to solving the challenges that arise as a natural aspect of the human condition.

I believe that life is manifested in more ways than I can currently perceive, and rest happily in the belief that I am assisted in my endeavors in ways that I cannot yet fully understand, and that despite any appearances to the contrary, life is for my benefit and highest good.

Flexiculture - Spectrum of the 3rd Way

flexiculture 360 Blessing-a ministry of Divine Love

Becoming more and more aware of the spectrum and experiences of Truth, Beauty and Love is the purpose of the study and practice of flexiculture. The human expression of each of these 3 virtues is totally individual and personal and when they are combined in a meaningful way, it just feels right.  The Power of 3 is also addressed in reconciling the paradoxes of our daily lives. Two opposites, the yin and yang, will lead to the 3rd way of en-culturing flexibility.


Be Curious
Be Committed

Let’s admit it, we are pretty ignorant of the workings of life, our world, mind, bodies and emotions.

Unless we are willing to question, we will never learn the next step to take in the highest good. Curiosity is the prerequisite for awe-the state of communion with a greater reality. It is the yang side of truth.

To be truly curious about life requires faith in the ultimate goodness of being through all trials. Faith without curiosity is static dogma, and will not promote growth

Commitment is the steady state of yin, one-pointed, not wavering off your chosen. Our post-modern culture does not encourage many of the more yin states, and commitment is one of the virtues that many of us struggle with. The harmonious interplay between  of curiosity and commitment can lead us to our personal state of truth.


Be Active
Be At Rest

Changing the worn patterns of life requires exertion, one might even say, ardous effort. Without activity the door to change stands open perhaps, but untraveled through.

Flexiculture uses the concept of baby steps, because when change is called for, we enter upon that path as a child, and children by necessity take baby steps.

Failure creates the scaffolding we build our success upon, without it, advances will crumble when challenged by life’s ever changing dramas.

The first draft usually sucks, but the interplay of tiral and error interspersed with periods of reflection (rest) will lead to our own creations of beauty.


Be Passionate
Be Dispassionate

After its all said and done, the most valuable experience we can have is love. While there are so many expressions of love, the common thread is compassion. The connection and identity we share with any other being, seen or unseen, from our first love to our beautiful planet is deepened and grown when our hearts have opened to compassion, and move us to right action in the face of any challenge.

The inherent positive outlook that seeing through the eyes of love will bring is the inevitable reward of third way of flexiculture.

Its ironic, that while passion is  necessary for action,  dispassion is required to persevere.

As with any great tool, passion can be misused in our lives, and in the case of addictions, habits, thoughts and emotions that exert a negative effect on our experience, passion can also ignite stumbling blocks. In fact, it is the unskillful allocation of passion that perpetuates the habits that dis-empower us.

As you observe your life, be dispassionate. You will be happily surprised at how stability of emotions will bless you and all you touch.

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Flexiculture is a malleable style of living which emphasizes personal growth, happiness and relationship, or in terms of virtues, truth, beauty and love.

Flexiculture  embraces the ecology of all our relationships, including the earth, others, work, community and most importantly, the relationship with ourself.

Insight into who we really are sparks the curiosity that turns the wheel of growth and happiness. The yet unknown aspects of ourself call to us through the circumstances of our life. When the invitation is accepted, miracles happen!

The non-resistance which is encouraged allows for an open-hearted attitude to the varied solutions we create  as we move towards a greater harmony with all of life.

the 360 Blessing lifestyle

Acceptance, of ourselves and others, when I live from my own created story, life becomes a joyous path of discovery. Opportunities arise daily for my own life’s growth and for that of all beings around me; family, friends, the plants, animals, neighbors, strangers, and the magnificent Earth.

As I awaken to the choices I make and their implications, the hero’s journey of my life becomes a smash hit with the most important audience in the world, me!

Are  you spiritual, but not religious? Grow or Die is Carin’s 5 week Online Course on everyday spirituality. Its a donation based course, with optional live zoom sessions. Learn more…

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