When I know I’m Right

What to do when I know I’m right? Yes, we all know we’re right! Always! Our opinions lead to our dramatic conflict over the concept

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Conflict on the Path

Last night I watched the last episode of Avatar, the Last Airbender.  I was just so curious to see how Aang could defeat the Firelord

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Consciousness Scale

I am re-reading David Hawkin’s book,  Healing and Recovery, which is giving me new insights into my own path of healing and growth, and why

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Moving Towards Acceptance

Non-resistance is surely not a new concept in my life, in fact, I have reflected, cried &  panicked over, and many times just plain rejected

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Winding the Clock

I just love it when simple analogies make so much sense, that they become a sticky meme. Winding the clock is such a statement. Winding

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