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Moving Towards Acceptance

Non-resistance is surely not a new concept in my life, in fact, I have reflected, cried &  panicked over, and many times just plain rejected the idea. It is futile, I would reflect at those times, who really cares if I accept or reject the circumstance which is so troubling right now.  Today I have to report that “I” care and here is why.

I have come to the dumbfounding conclusion that all my efforts at goals and needs fulfilled are only to achieve a level of happiness which is actually usually just out of reach. I say dumbfounding because, preaching to the choir, I already knew this in my head, but in real life, did not know it well enough in my heart.

Today, my heart is happy. It’s an energetic experience which is like sipping on the best honey, that moment when nitrous oxide at the dentists makes you forget about the drill, a bubbly tingling which flows through me and is most pronounced in the center of my chest when I pay close attention to it. How did this happen? Did I win the lottery, find out that the pandemic is over and done with for good, woken up to find myself in Shangri la? No. I made a simple pledge to my Self last night. First of all, I really acknowledged as the Carin here in this body, I obviously don’t know how these higher workings happen, like bending the matrix and other miracle matters, but there is a “Me” that does know, and I trust that Me right now with my best intentions for the unveiling of awesome circumstances for all beings, myself included. I touched into the “sore spots” of my thought patterns, including diabolical powerful leaders, everyday secret tormentors, and Dr. Smith of the new Lost in Space, argg, I just get anxious thinking about that character.

Then I took the plunge, as the only observer in this world that I am conscious of, I take responsibility for their presence, I see that as the creator of my experience, there is an unknown part of me that has actually created these characters, and I bring that part of me into my heart right now, breathe a sacred infinity 8 through the heart and thymus to love and accept these rejected and vilified parts as creative energy. (NOT as the personification of imbalance as I currently perceive them) My most lovely Self, you know what to do with this energy, please take it now for remaking beauty, I’m adding it to the Cosmic Compost Heap in love.

That’s all I did, and I woke up this morning with a singing heart. I want to share that this opportunity came to me while watching a Georgia Jean interview on Gaia TV.

Let’s see where how this unfolds!

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