I further my career with every action I take. I am enthusiastic and excited about my work. My job brings me financial abundance. My coworkers love being around me. I am focused and productive at work. I radiate love and others reflect love back to me. I love myself. Forgiveness and compassion are the […]

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Fire flames

Conflict on the Path

Last night I watched the last episode of Avatar, the Last Airbender.  I was just so curious to see how Aang could defeat the Firelord without killing him.  It turned out that I did receive some spiritual encouragement and guidance from that episode. Aang was deeply troubled over the coming fight and went within, he

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Closeup of measuring tape

Consciousness Scale

I am re-reading David Hawkin’s book,  Healing and Recovery, which is giving me new insights into my own path of healing and growth, and why it is so important to me. He developed a tool for measuring the levels of consciousness of various ideas, states, and people by muscle testing. While I think muscle testing

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Retro clock

Winding the Clock

I just love it when simple analogies make so much sense, that they become a sticky meme. Winding the clock is such a statement. Winding is a small simple movement that must take place for the amazing machinery of the mechanical clock to function. Of course, batteries have replaced the winding of the clock in

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What Are You Looking

The Right Question

Humans question. We start out our lives asking questions of our parents to the point of annoyance, but what happens when we grow up? Have we learned how to ask the right questions? Questions are such a basic form of communication, that its very easy to overlook that we might not have learned how to

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