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Consciousness Scale

I am re-reading David Hawkin’s book,  Healing and Recovery, which is giving me new insights into my own path of healing and growth, and why it is so important to me. He developed a tool for measuring the levels of consciousness of various ideas, states, and people by muscle testing. While I think muscle testing is an awesome tool in the right hands, he does make it clear that the people doing the testing have to be above the negative side of the scale, which calibrates at Courage. I like this scale for many reasons, but the primary one is for self-examination and forgiveness. The idea that “people are doing the best that they can” has always spoken deep truth to me. It is like we have a set point of potential and until we find our way through that ceiling we will make decisions and see the world through the energy of our dominant state.  His examples we can all relate to, the “angry” state person will always see reasons to be angry, and so on. So since we are all yearning for happiness and the relief of painful emotions and experiences, why are we so stuck?

It feels like a bootstrap scenario, how can we pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps (anyone seen a real  bootstrap lately?)  The answer I have found is that we do not.  To break through the familiar comfortable energy state we currently live in we engage with our higher power in whichever way we are able to experience it. This is the spiritual and religious path, both and. Religion has always focused on the presence of a higher power in our lives, and how we can have a “group” relationship with it, usually by performing rituals. Spirituality takes that idea and expands it to the person, how can I experience and grow into a greater experience of the greater Self, the greater good?

For me, it starts with curiosity. My little brain can barely remember what I ate last week, much less the machinations of the universe. I find I have to trust in my higher power to stay sane in this world, and at a psychological level, that is the meaning to me of the Consciousness Measuring Tape of David Hawkins. I am curious to see what my Beloved will bring forward today! The (negative) states below the 200 calibration are actually forms of insanity, and the negativity they engender tend to perpetuate into downward spirals until some sort of “bottom” is reached. That’s not to say that a person experiencing primarily through a negative states is doomed to hit bottom, curiosity can light a spark of hope in changing one’s experience to a greater good.  If one can connect and engage with a higher help, in whatever way that arrives, be it a person, a book, a song, a life event, then the ladder towards freedom is being climbed. Stay connected to your heart, stay strong, and find time to let go and to play. The three steps to enlightenment and the greater good on the scale of consciousness. The scale can be tipped, stay strong!

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