New Thought Revisited

I love to get inspired! I do say “get” on purpose, because the general trend of my mind is  towards neediness and light melancholy.  I’ve heard this is a pretty common experience of being in the ego state; the state of separation creating the experience of being inside a skin and a mind, and not connected except for those special love relationships that nurture and teach us the way of giving.

So in this experience “getting” becomes the driver of behavior, and my addiction is getting inspired. I even have an addiction of studying addiction, but that’s another story!

One of my go-to sources of inspiration is New Thought writers. There are quite a few, both current and early proponents, and my daily practice is to to read a paragraph or two to ponder and reflect. Many times I will take a sentence and rewrite according to my own viewpoint, and here below I have done so from an author I enjoy, Henry Wood, from his book, Ideal Suggestion Through Mental Photography.

If I rise, I help to lift all about me, and if I fall, I drag others down.
Loving thought, sent out, has a positive healing influence both on sender and recipient.
Unity of all life is the deepest truth, the other in me, and me in all.
We cannot be uplifted disconnected from the beings around us.
Our highest privilege and office is to be channels through which the divine life shall flow out to invigorate and inspire.
The essence of salvation and of true healing is the reduction of self-absorption.

If the soul-currents do not course from within outwards, they sink in a deadly vortex. A self-aware child of God is one who works to honor all forms of life,  opening prison-doors of thought and action, and promoting mental, physical and spiritual freedom.

Giving out, or ministration, is the great and highest law, divine and human. Simple altruism sometimes heals because it lifts consciousness from the lower inharmonious self and turns it outward and upward. Falling in love can temporarily lift one out of the limited ego self.

Thought sent out in loving waves never returns void. All life is one, and all lines of relationship converge in God.

I am healed as I heal.

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